Ernest Hemingway

BY: Cameron Thompson

Interesting Facts Part 1

1. Born in Oak Park, Illinois on July 21,1899

2. Died in Ketchum, Idaho on July 2,1961

3. His wife is Mary Welsh Hemingway

4. He didn't have no children

5.His grandchildren Margaux Hemingway, Mariel Hemingway, Joan Hemingway and more...

6.He had a six-toed cat

7.He killed himself

8.His family have genetic trait of mental illness

9.As a little kid, he was dressed like a girl because his mom wanted a girl

10. FBI had a close on eye on Hemingway and kept files on him

Interesting Facts Part 2

11. Edgar Hoover personally placed Ernest under surveillance

12. In 1938 He established a world record by catching seven marlins a day

13. Ernest survived through many disease and tragic disasters like malaria,two plane crashes,anthrax,a fractured skull, and many more...

14. There is Hemingway look-alike society

15. He hit one of the critics who'd given him a bad review

16. KGB secretly recruited Hemington and he accepted

17. He was sent to get electroshock treatments, he committed suicide on his 36th shock treatment

18. Hemington used a machine gun when fishing to shoot down sharks

19. He use to pick fights in bars because of his drinking buddy James Joyce

20.He took his a urinal from his favorite bar

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