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What can the Wifi Range Extender really do? Our report.

What is Wifiblast?

Wifiblast is an adapter for faster Internet and better reception that you can take anywhere to increase your Wifi reception. It works even in hard-to-reach areas such as garages or other levels separated by walls. All the many radio holes that always appear in different places are no longer there with the insertion of this adapter, because the already existing connection is improved and strengthened. Wherever there is a power outlet and the connection to the Internet or telephone is disturbed, you can plug in this plug and the device already offers you a signal amplification.

Why do I need this Wifi Range Extender?

The Wifiblast offers especially strong and long-lasting WLAN when you're gambling or watching an important game on TV, especially in areas where there's a lot of radio holes and reception is constantly interrupted. No matter what you're up to, this Wifi amplifier keeps the connection connected.

Wifiblast evaluation and recommendation

Internet connections are usually only available in certain rooms that are well supplied with WLAN and not separated by floors or walls. Often, rooms such as garages and basements are completely cut off from the connection and telephone calls or the Internet then have no signal, so you have to step out of these radio holes and continue making calls elsewhere. This is often a very annoying affair and should not be in the 21st century. For this reason, the Wifiblast is a perfect way to "plug" its radio holes with good, constant and persistent connection and signal to now surf or make calls in places where it was not possible before. Wherever there is a power outlet, you can plug this adapter in and it's easy to install. So you have a strong connection in no time at all and no more radio holes.

WifiBlast technical facts

The Wifi amplifier with its WPS function can easily be installed on all devices (tablet, PC, laptop, smartphone etc.) and supports secure encryption for WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA/WPA2 via WPS key.

The adapter has high performance through built-in antennas and delivers a reliable Wireless-N network speed of up to 300 Mbps for your garage, toilet, garage or garden.

Boost WiFi coverage enhances your existing WLAN coverage, expands your wireless network to hard-to-reach areas, provides strong penetration through floors and walls, and eliminates wireless holes.

As a signal amplifier, it features two modes to choose from: Repeater mode for greater wireless coverage and performance, and AP mode for a whole new wireless access point.
Wifiblast Range-Extender

Wifiblast Test

This receive amplifier is a small adapter that can easily be plugged into any wall outlet and won't lose its performance even through floors and thick walls. It can be plugged in anywhere, whether at home or on the road in the office, in a café, at school or elsewhere. Wherever stronger WLAN is needed and reception is poor, this adapter can be plugged in. Also in the garden or in the garage or in the cellar this Wifi amplifier provides a good and constant signal - wireless holes adé!
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WifiBlast reviews and opinions

Radio holes are especially in places like garages, gardens, attics or cellars immensely represented and are very annoying. If, however, an important telephone call or other important things absolutely need a good connection, this situation is very problematic. This Wifiblast WLAN Receiver Amplifier is supposed to help you out of this radio hole trap by plugging it in everywhere and maintaining a constant connection even through thick walls and floors. This small connector is a great idea to improve and amplify the already existing WLAN reception.

A user of this connector writes enthusiastically that it works wonderfully and that she always uses it in the garage, where it gives her a very good connection and has not broken or disturbed anything so far. She had had enough of the eternal radio holes in the garage and wondered what she could do about it. Since using this amplifier, she has been very satisfied and no longer needs to worry about how such things can still happen in the 21st century, despite the advances in technology.

One user reports that the connection with this plug worked even better than it is described in the advertisement. He lives in a house where he constantly has to search for areas and corners so that he can make any phone calls at all. However, since he likes to be in the garage and has to do with craftsmanship there, he always finds himself in a so-called "radio hole" and is therefore never reachable when someone calls him. This had annoyed him in the long run, as he didn't want to sit in the house for better accessibility. Thus he discovered this amplifier and could hardly grasp the strong connection of the Internet and the telephone line. It works perfectly, he says. He is enthusiastic about this amplifier and now has very good reception throughout.

Another user tells how he always plays online games with his friends and constantly breaks the connection. In the long run, this is a huge nuisance. However, since he has been using this signal amplifier, nothing breaks and the games can continue without any interruption from the line. Since then, playing has been fun again and the fear that it might break the connection again no longer exists.

Another user is just as surprised to describe how great the connection is now when he makes calls to places where there are usually no other wireless holes. The signal is always constant and nothing breaks off or the line wobbles. He hasn't heard anything about it since then and can now continue his work in the home office with peace of mind, without the line interfering and breaking.

Where can I order Wifiblast?

The Wifi amplifier can be bought in various online shops such as Amazon or Ebay, which usually offer free shipping and - if you don't like it - free return shipping. Since it is mostly about shipping from China and already the goods themselves do not have too high costs, the return shipment there should exceed the value of goods, so that actually an exchange should hardly be worthwhile.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The following information can be found on the Internet about the provider of the product:

Think Tech Sales Limited

Rm 709B, 7/F, Opulent Building,

402-406 Hennessy Road,

WAN CHAI, Hong Kong

: https://www.superboostwifi.com *

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