understanding the marketing environment

the minnesota timberwolves

the mascot is crunch the wolf.
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this is the jersey of one of the players
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the history of the team.

Four months before the NBA granted Minnesota a franchise, the nickname of "Timberwolves" was selected as the winner of a "Name the Team" contest. Fans throughout and beyond Minnesota submitted 6,076 entries featuring 1,284 different nicknames. Timberwolves, which was submitted 17 times, and Polars were the finalists. The other 1,282 entries ran through a number of different categories, including animals, fish, political interests, outer space, already-existing team names, some names that had to be researched in a dictionary and a potpourri of nicknames that no specific category could claim.

the players on the team

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the highlights


the CPI

the price for a meal in Minneapolis is $12 and in Miami its $15.
the price for a month bus pass is 80 in Minneapolis, and in Miami its 100.
the movie tickets in minneaoplis are 10.50 and 12 in miami
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the rules of hockey

HOCKEY'S THREE MAIN RULES. Offsides: When any member of the attacking team precedes the puck over the defending team's blue line. Offside (or two-line)Pass: When a player passes the puck from his defending zone to a teammate beyond the red center line.

girls hockey weekend

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