Finding the Volume

Learn the awsome wawys of finding volume!!

Knowing the numbers.

Hi im natalie... and this flyer will give you all the amazing, easy tools for finding the volume of a rectangular prism etc... When you start with finding the volume, you need to know the number of the prism to start. Otherwise you won't even be able to find the area of the base.

Finding the area of the base.

To find the area of the base you'll need to have two base numbers, like in the picture above you have base number 8 and base number 4. So when you find the area of the base you'll want to multiply the 8 times the 4. To get 24, and when you get 24 your gonna times that by 6. When you multiply that your gonna get 144. The 144 indicates that 144 cubic units will fit.

Now you know that example, you try one?

Now you know how to find volume... Hope it helped you!