Devin Brown


knowledge to me is the most important trait a person can have. knowledge is a powerful conception of the human brain telling the body what to do. much like the beginning of the creatures life, as a baby i didn't know anything but as i grew older i began to develop a sense of knowledge. in chapter 13 the creature stayed in the little shack, listening to every word the family who lives in the house says. The creature soon starts to read a book that Frankenstein made in order to create him. the creature learns about how he is an experiment. The creature still has feelings even though he was made in a "lab".

chapter 15

victor feels guilty because he made the creature so he feels responsible for the damage he's done. Victor was not ready for the surprise of the creatures knowledge. The creature announced that he learned how to talk and read from this family who lived in a cottage. He said they were good people but also left because they were scared of him. with the knowledge of people leaving him he realizes that no one really genuinely likes him. So what is the creature to do? The creature threatens to kill Victors friends and family.

modern day example

Without man a computer does nothing and knows nothing. but when a man finishes the computer then it's off on its own helping out the man. Victor didn't wire his computer right (the creature). Now victor has a dead friend and a dead father.