The Federal Reserve System

The symbol

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Abbreviation for the Federal Reserve System is FRS.

The main purpose of the Federal Reserve is to provide the nation with safer, more flexible, and stable monetary and financial system. What the agency does today is announce rules to reflect ISDA protocol in regulatory and capitol coverage.
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The Federal Reserve Explained in 3 Minutes
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The mission of the federal reserve is to supervise and regulate banking institutions to ensure safety and soundness of nations banks.

The history of the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve was started on december 23,1913. The department was established to take care of a series of financial panics. President Woodrow Wilson was responsible for creating it

The head of The Reserve is Janet l. Yellen.

She was appointed because she was a professor in economics and vice chair of the board of governors Her job is to run the Federal Reserve.


In 2012 the Federal Reserve made a profit of 82 billion and transferred 79 billion to the U.S. Treasury. 2013 was the greatest period of growth.