How to divide!!

Learn to divide


First if you want to estimate

You estimate the divisor

Then you estimate the and then divide that

What ever you get for dividing, when you divide the with the house that is the first one you use for the top of your house

Then you see if you can go into the next number that you have if you cant drop a number down

If you can just see how many times it can go into the number

Now you should be subtracting what you got from before

Like before see what can go into the next number

So now we are going to be seeing if you got a remainder

If you do not want a remainder you can keep adding zerows to your answer until you get nothing

Then if it dosn't matter if you have a remainder it at least have to be smaller then you divisor

If you want to now if its really write you can do the check

First thing to do the check is to multiply your answer and your divisor

Then if you had a remainder add i to what you got from multiplying from

If its wrong you did something wrong in your multiplying or dividing


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