Carrying Capacity for the Tortoise

By Alonso Diaz

The Population of the Giant Tortoise in the Galapagos Island

Since the 1600's the population of the tortoise has been rapidly decreasing, being almost less than a 100 left on the island. In the 1600's there was an estimate 200,000 tortoise inhabiting the island.

The population has been decreasing due to people leaving goats on the island. Goats breed very quickly and with the rapid breeding the resources on the island get drained and with this the population of the tortoise decreases. So increase the population of the tortoise the government started a plan called project Isabel. Scientific name "Geochelone elephantopus"

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1. What would have happen if the government had not intervened

A- The tortoise would have gone extinct

B- Nothing the numbers would have stayed consistent

C- The Goats would have all died

D- The tortoise would have thrived and eventually regain its population

2. If the goats never arrived what would have been the tortoise popullaation

A- It would have declined anyway

B- They would have gone extinct either way

C- The tortoise population would have been slowly climbing and then eventually decline

D- The goats would have taken over

3. Would other environmental factor could have caused the tortoise population to decrease

A- The placing of a road in the middle of their habitat (Habitat Fragmentation)

B- A food source for the tortoise becoming scarce

C- Habitat Loss

D- All of the Above