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April 20, 2020

Principal's Note: We Will Get Through This Together!

Dear Sherwood Families,

Although many of us were expecting Governor Pritzker’s announcement to continue e-Learning for the remainder of the school year, hearing it was still difficult as it brought finality to our hope of ending the school year in our classrooms at Sherwood. As you have read in the updates from Mrs. Dolce, Ms. Pine and Mrs. Skiest, your children may be expressing sadness or anger through regressive behaviors. You are not alone, and this is normal during a time of crisis. Some of us are trying to balance caring for our children while working from home. Some of us are trying to care for our children while leaving our home as an essential worker. Some of us are dealing with ill family members or friends. ALL of us are doing the best that we can during this unprecedented time.

Our teachers are learning each and everyday how to best support your child through e-Learning. None of us have ever taught in an environment like this before, and our Sherwood staff is dedicated to figuring out this new way of educating and caring for our students. Is it ideal? No. Is it perfect? No. Are we all doing the best that we can? YES.

Just as you are trying to juggle and balance the many new factors affecting our lives, our staff are working tireless hours to provide your child with emotional support and academic experiences. We are learning new ways to collect student work, provide student feedback while also learning how to plan, collaborate and interact with our colleagues virtually. Also, many of our staff members are parents or children helping care for their own parents, or both. This is a new definition of balancing the home/work life...for all of us.

To say I am excited to see everyone again at Sherwood is an understatement. I don’t have the words to express how much I miss all of you and I just hope that everyone is safe and well. We will be together again, and until then focus on the positives each day. What are you grateful for today? Tomorrow?

If you or your family are in need of support, please reach out if there is anything I can do. If you need emotional support, or need someone to talk to, Illinois has established a free Call for Calm program. Simply text 'talk' to 552020 to speak with a professional.

We will get through this! Stay safe, strong and be well!

Panda Pride,


Happy Birthday!!!

April 20th

Jake Slavick

April 21st

Samantha Jones

Harper Moschin

April 24th

Benjamin Marcus

April 25th

Brayden Levand

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Parade Update: Protocol for Highland Park and Highwood Community Members

Great news! We will be live streaming the Month of the Military Child Parade via North Shore School District 112 Facebook Live on Saturday, April 25th at 9am AND a video of the parade will be released the week of April 27th!

PLEASE understand that the streets in the military housing area cannot accommodate vehicles in the parade AND additional cars from the community. Please do not come to the Ft. Sheridan neighborhood if you do not live there.

We know how much everyone supports our military families, and we are so thankful! Please show your support by staying home and viewing our parade on Facebook Live!

2nd Posting: Month of the Military Child Vehicle Parade

North Shore District 112 will be leading a Month of the Military Child Vehicle Parade through the neighborhood of Fort Sheridan on Saturday, April 25th @9:00am to wrap up our MOMC celebrations!

What you need to know...

WHEN: Saturday, April 25th @9:00am

Parade Route: CLICK HERE

Protocol for Military Families Living in the Fort Sheridan Neighborhood

  • If the parade is coming down your street, please stay on your front porch or driveway or watch from your windows. Please ensure that you are following social distancing guidelines from friends and neighbors.

  • Children need to be supervised so that they do not break social distancing guidelines.

  • If the parade is not coming down your street, you may drive and park in a friend’s driveway, along one of the streets we will drive down or by one of the park areas. Please do not block the parade route!

  • If you are not on your front porch or driveway, you are required to stay in your car! If you are out of your car, you will be asked to leave. In order for us to have received permission for this parade, the Cities of Highland Park and Highwood require that everyone is in their car and keeps social distancing as a priority.

Protocol for Highland Park and Highwood Community Members

  • More information will be shared next week about parade viewing opportunities for everyone who does not live in the Fort Sheridan neighborhood. Stay tuned!

A HUGE shout out to Sherwood's Month of the Military Child Committee!!! Our committee at Sherwood planned this event for the ENTIRE school district!!! Thank you for your time, effort and dedication to all of our families!

Panda Pride,


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4/7/20 - 6/4/20



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