3 thugs life

The stolen bike!!!

Once upon a time there was three thugs. The 3 thugs saw this gold bike one day and they really like but they didnt have enough money to buy them. so the thugs proceed to run into the bike store and still the gold bikes. the store owner called the police and the were later arrested for stealing. All three of the thugs went to jail and was given a Subpoena to go to court 2 months after the arrest date. All 3 of there bails were set at 10,000 dollars. 2 months later all of them show up for court. They had a felony crime of stealing and an additional charge of breaking and entering. One of the thugs pleaed to one of the charges and had 10 years of probation. All three of the thugs had a public defender due to lack in income. Also all three of them had an indictment so if they were choosen guilty they would have a significantly long jail time. The grand jury said that the bikes they stole were 5,000 dollars each due to the quality and make of the bikes. The petit jury watched an arraignment and came to a verdict. The judge sentenced one of the defendants had 6 months in county jail and 10 months probation do to a plea bargain. Another one had 2 year in county jail and lifetime probation who later made an appeal to fix the damage done to the store and his sentence was cut down to a year and a half. And the third one was sentenced to 5 year in jial and lifetime of probation due to lying in court after taking an oath or perjury and the prosecution had a witness who later saw him vandalizing a store near by. Although they were all convicted of the same charges some got out better then other due to telling the truth and pleaing.