3-5 RLA Newsletter

May 6, 2016

Hi 3-5 RLA Team,

WOW! Thank you for the incredible flexibility and patience you have shown as the state made many decisions that shifted your work over the past two weeks. Your students look to you for how to respond, and we appreciate the way you handled these shifts. We know that you are actively MAP testing and gathering all sorts of other data points to show your scholars just how much they learned this year. If you have questions or need support in any of this or data analysis, please reach out to us! This is our next to last newsletter for the 2016-2017 school year. Only 15 more days to prepare your scholars for 4th-6th grade. Let's make every minute count!

Have a great weekend,

Tamlah and Krysten

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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Guided Reading Tip of the Week

End of year testing is probably taking up most of your guided reading time right now. If you are able, try to pull your lowest performing groups at least 2-3 times a week even during the testing window. Once the testing windows close, go right back to pulling guided reading groups up until the end of the year. This will ensure your students continue to grow!

Final Curriculum Survey

Huge shout out to Blake Barber for his curriculum work this year! His work is much appreciated!

As we refine curriculum and prepare for next year, we need your feedback. Look for the end of year curriculum survey to come to you next week. We can only improve our supports for you with your feedback.

Krysten Wendell

Director of Curriculum and Instruction