Battle of Britain

The Luftwaffe is coming!

The Iron Cross

  • The Iron Cross is the highest order of decoration in the German Armed Forces!
  • This symbol is represented on the Luftwaffe's(Air Force) planes!
  • This award can be received by any rank in the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine!
  • The symbol represents bravery, heroism, and valor!

The Battle Begins!

Saturday, Aug. 31st 1940 at 12-12am

Major Britain Cities

  • The German's failed attack on the British Air Force just made the German's angrier.
  • Hitler wants to take out his rage on all of the major cities in Britain!
  • So come on down to see some amazing "fireworks"!

Background Info!

  • At first, the German's planned to raid the British Air Force with the Luftwaffe and then raid along the southern coast of Britain in an attempt called Operation Sealion.
  • The British, however, were able to hold the German's off in spite of how badly outnumbered they were.
  • The British knew there would be another attack, so they started to prepare for battle.
  • Meanwhile, Adolph Hitler is so frustrated that he sends in almost his entire Air Force to do nothing but bomb the major British cities in hopes to destroy moral and hopes.
  • The battle begins and the British Fighter's are heavily outnumbered 4:1.
  • Suprisingly, the British was able to fend the Germans off once more.
  • The Battle of Britain was over, but the bombings continued for another 56 nights!

Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding

Although Sir Hugh Dowding left the Royal Air Force after the war, Britain owes the victory of the Battle of Britain to him. He applied and was accepted into the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich in 1899. Dowding later attempted to become an engineer, but that failed and he became a gunner in the marine core. A few years later, Dowding became a licensed pilot and got his wings. Since Britain had just begun war with Germany, promotions came quickly. By the end of the war Dowding had achieved the rank of Air Chief Marshal for his ideas on strategy. Dowding will always be remembered as a hero for outstanding performance in front of a global threat.