Not the oven... the actual waves, by Meredith Hollinger

What are some uses for microwaves?

  1. You can cook foods using a microwave oven
  2. Speed cameras
  3. RADARs
  4. Long distance call with a cell phone

Here are some Pictures that Relate to Microwaves in some ways

Microwave antenna alignment tutorial using handheld spectrum analyzer

Ranges of Microwaves

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Technolgy Portion

What is the Technology?

This invention's base is an aluminium drum that becomes heated when used to quickly, it is called a quantum-drum or micro-drum. Ii is used to store large amounts of quantum information or as a motion sensor. If continually fiddled with, eventually, the drum could be used for acoustics and it's mechanical waves. This invention was introduced in 2011.

How is it Related to Microwaves?

This drum uses microwave signals to activate itself. By applying microwaves at specific frequencies, researchers can achieve rapid, reliable exchanges between the circuit's electrical energy, in the form of microwave light particles.

What kind of Materials are used?

An aluminium drum is used as the visible drum itself, and tiny quantum bits are used throughout the drum.

What is the Impact of the Technology?

This technology alows computers to retreive and contain more information about anything, and help discover more and more things aout electromagnetic waves.

Who Brought this Invention Here, and When?

A team of NIST scientists perfected and brought the idea of this invention to the world in July of 2011.
In the link above is a full description of what micro-drums are and what else they can do.
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