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Museum of Me


My name is Nicholas Von Thomas. Im a student at Ball State university and graduated my high school with honors. People who know me say I am very energetic and act older than my age. I enjoy kickboxing, spending time with friends, working on cars, and running my clothing company. I am an old but young soul who cherishes all life lessons.
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My Fathers Necklace

I lost my Father at a young age very abuptly. Its definitely the defining moment in my life. I wear this necklace because its one of the only things i have left from my dad and I remember him wearing it everyday.
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Prosper Clothing Co

Prosper Clothing Co is a street style clothing line that i started in high school. Its important because it kept me motivated and helped me develop a drive to make the extra dollar and establish a hustlers or entrepreneurs mindset, both in which sculpt my actions to this day.
▶ Entrepreneur Motivation!!!
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Tick Tock

I love my watches. I wear a watch everyday and collect them. But this watch you see above is my absolute favorite. It was a gift from my mom on graduation day. To me watches are more than just time keepers. Wearing an expensive watch lets you know that your time is valuable. invest it wisely so you get the best outcome to better yourself.
Off Seasons Two: Ryan Tuerck Drifts The Wild: Tuerck'd Ep. 6
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Cars..Trucks..High Speed.. OH MY!

Cars have been my go to thing since I could walk. Especially after my dad died, building a fast car was one of the only things I could do to clear my head. I love everything about cars to buying, fixing, racing, and driving them. The car above is the most recent one i built over the summer. Its a Type-R EG6. I've had fourteen cars since i was thirteen which i have all payed for myself. They are my ultimate joy in life and stress reliever.
Muay Thai inspiration
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Muay Thai

Muay Thai is important to me because it is my thing, its my craft. I started martial arts when I was five. Ever since then I've don't anything from Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Boran, Wing Chun Kung Fu, and even Roman Wrestling. I fell in love with Muay Thai and have been practicing it ever since.


My family owns land in Canada and we go camping there every year. It's beautiful untouched land and is a blast to go to. Just some time to drop a line the water and forget about anything troubling your mind.
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My Sketch Book

My Sketchbook is one of my most sacred items. It hold my thoughts and emotions. Its where i think out loud and spend some me time !