The Weekly Jr. Oiler

May 31, 2019

The State Treasurer Visits Dwyer!

Today, Dwyer welcomed CA State Treasurer, Fiona Ma. She visited our school to present us with the $25,000 grant check for our Scholar Share Grant. She shared that in her few months in her new position, she is excited to help schools in our state and bring awareness to savings plans for college. 377 schools participated in the grant contest and 20 won the grant. Ms. Ma is visiting all 20 schools that won!

Today was one of many great days for Dwyer Middle School!

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"Glow Kids" Book Wrap-Up

Our parent book club has wrapped up for the year and we finished reading Glow Kids. This book delved into screen-time and its effect on youth. Here are some notes from the last few chapters:

  • Video gaming with violent games has led to more aggression in children. This is typically with extended hours on gaming devices with little parental supervision.
  • There is a place in education for technology, it just is not the be-all end-all. Teachers and schools must balance the face-to-face interactions with screens (which we do at Dwyer). Children must first be taught to think and then taught how to access information online.
  • The last chapter gives recommendations for living with screens: refocus home and school education on the essentials of healthy childhood, societal dialogue should happen regarding screen time and its effects, and a new emphasis should be on ethics, responsibility, and critical thinking.

From this book club, we have learned many things about helping our children live successfully with limited screen time. The parent group also started Screen Free Family Nights which have included Bingo and Rock the Block this year. We hope to continue these next year as well. I recently read an article that I found interesting that touches on screens and raising children. I plan to read her book to see if it might be a fit for our parent series this fall.

District and School Updates

New Assistant Superintendent Named - Congratulations to Dr. Cynthia Guerrero on her new position as Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services. Please see the announcement below.

Dwyer Wins a Social-Emotional Learning Grant! - Starting next year, we will be focusing efforts on teaching students more social-emotional skills that, in part, will link to GRIT. We have been awarded $2,600 to purchase materials for these lessons. Thank you to Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors for this Social-Emotional Innovation Grant.

Mrs. Chacon on the Screen
- Mrs. Chacon was filmed by a local station for their segment called "Orange Slices." The video talks about the awesome impact she has on students!

Family Survey Results - Thank you to all our families that participated in the Annual District Survey this spring. The results can be found here.

What's Happening?

June 3-4 - 5th Grade visits

June 3 - Spring Choir Concert, 6PM, auditorium

June 4 - Incoming 6th Grade Parent Night, 6PM, auditorium

June 6 - Spring Rock Band Concert, 6PM, auditorium

June 7 - 4th Quarter GRIT Luncheon

June 10 - Spring Band/Orchestra Concert, 6PM, auditorium

June 12 - PTSA Meeting, 6PM, Mama's on 39

June 14 - 8th Grade Yearbook Signing Party/Field Day, 6-7th periods

June 17 - Knott's Distinguished Honor Roll trip

June 18 - 8th Grade Awards Night, 5:30PM, main lawn

June 19 - 6th Grade Awards, 8:45AM, auditorium

June 19 - 7th Grade Awards, 10AM, auditorium

June 20 - 8th Grade Disneyland trip

June 21 - Promotion, 2PM, main lawn

June 21 - Last day of school