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What Malaria is.

Malaria is a disease that comes from diseased mosquitoes that have the blood parasite Plasamodium that bite you. They suck your blood and through that hole they give the disease of malaria.

Malaria's Victims.

Malaria occurs mostly in areas of Africa, where every minute one child dies of Malaria.

How to get rid of Malaria.

Malaria can be prevented by getting rid of mosquitoes.Some ways you can do that is by using mosquito nets and insect repellents.

Malaria's Symptoms

Malaria's symptoms are your body getting weak and tired, yellow skin, seizures, coma, and in some cases, death. You will also feel really hot or really cold.

How you get Malaria

You get malaria by having a mosquito with the blood parasite Plasamodium bite you.

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