Beauty Pageants

Informative Paper By Grace Schroeder

Significance in other Cultures

Rosie Goldsmith, one of the authors in At Issue: Beauty Pageants, states, "In politically correct Britain, beauty contests are an apologetic, backstreet industry, but they still flourish elsewhere"(20). Beauty pageants are known in different cultures for different reasons, and they contribute in different ways. In other words, Goldsmith asserts that other countries all have beauty pageants, but some countries favor them more than others. When countries without monarchy have them, the queens can achieve an elevated sense of belonging, giving them confidence (Goldsmith 21). Also, beauty pageants that give scholarships are desired in some countries to further the careers of minorities (Goldsmith 22). The significance to cultures is mostly viewed on which type of pageant countries judge when they decide the morality of the beauty pageant ( Goldsmith 22-23).

Beauty Pageant Views

SInce beauty pageants have been around, people have judged them with their own perspectives and views. "The girls were little more than pretty bridesmaids in a big national branding campaign", voiced Rosie Goldsmith, article writer of "Beauty Pageants Thrive in Many Cultures Around the World"(22). She includes in her opinion the reputation and difficulty of pageants, and Goldsmith is one view of the millions describing pageantry to be harsh and materialistic. However, a quote from Hammasa Kohistani, article writer of "Beauty Pageants Give Women of Many Cultures a Voice" states, "Pageants are not against feminism. They are stepping stones for girls, a chance for us to get our voices heard". That contradicts/combats Goldsmith's views(25). A solid perspective for pageants does not exist, people take their own experiences and knowledge to form their own (Kohistani 26).


"Even though the pageant had been criticized as being too revealing for women, by the 1960's it was being called prudish", stated Hilary Levey, article writer of "The Cultural Relevance of Beauty Pageants is Waning"(19). This specifically shows how mindset changes on pageants in general throughout the decades. There are cultural pageants that stay true to tradition, but modern day beauty pageants have transitioned to fit in today's society. Even though American pageants have been stereotyped to specific standards, in reality they have been changing to add more achievement (Kohistani 25). Today, there is more equality and rights for women, making the "beauty" of a pageant almost fade into the background. They have added talents, platforms, and so on to do so.


Every pageant has different qualifications and categories that need to be addressed before the actual pageant. "Pageants are judged based on individuality in looks, capability, poise, perfection, and confidence", Kareen Nussbaum, writer of the article "Child Beauty Pageants", wrote when stating what girls must be prepared for on the day of the pageant. Those are not even the tip of the iceberg for the certain pageants that contain talent, platforms, and interviews though. Dress, posture, walk, speech, practice, confidence, and information (on current events and platforms) are also important stages to prepare for (Leong). In all, finding out what categories are included in the beauty pageant and taking in to mind the old saying "practice makes perfect" will be the most useful strategy for pageant contestants.


Beauty pageants come in as many forms as there is beauty itself. "There are many different kinds of pageant contests, and each one has different rules, different phases of competition and even different prizes." claims Prita Kohli, the writer of the article "Pageant Contest". The variety of pageant differences is exuberant . There are seasonal, local, state, national, and global pageants to add on to Kohli's statement (Kohli). Children, or young adult, pageants exist too. Those are highly famous because of the hit show on TLC, Toddlers and Tiaras.

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