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October 10, 2020

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One Year Ago...

Swiping through my October photos, I was reminded of our school's democratic process of collecting ideas and finding joy in naming two baby goats. The Goat Vote was the highlight of the month as we welcomed King and S'mores into our Ohlone family.

Now, our baby goats are bigger and enjoying time on their new goat play structure. Now, we are ready to welcome K/1 students next week after closing campus in March. Boy, have I missed having kids on campus. Room 19 students have brought so much joy to Ohlone this past week!

I enjoyed meeting with Cluster 2/3 families on Friday afternoon to answer questions about hybrid and distance learning. Don't forget to complete the Learning Model survey by Monday, October 12th, no later than 5:00pm. If you were unable to attend yesterday, please feel free to email me. I will respond to questions from 2/3 families about learning models through noon on Saturday and early Monday morning to assist you with any information you may need to help you with your decision.

Do not fret, 4/5. I have not forgotten you! We will schedule a time to connect before your survey is due so that I may answer any questions you have as well. Your survey will be emailed on October 19 and will be due on October 26. The return to school date for 4/5 is November 9.

Take care of yourselves and each other during this time. It brings me great comfort and happiness to have landed at Ohlone, a place of warmth, strong community, and kindness.


Ohlone Principal

Changing the World One Word at a Time: Read Aloud and Conversation with Meg Medina

Join Meg Medina, Newberry Award winner and New York Times best-selling author who writes picture books, as well as middle grade and young adult fiction.

Ms. Medina will read and discuss Mango, Abuela and Me and Hablar her essay which is part of "The Talk: Conversations About Race, Love and Truth", a new collection of essays by children's book authors. She will also be previewing her brand new book Evelyn Ray is Moving Away.

This webinar will include closed captioning in English and Spanish. Register here!

Classroom Ventilation and Filtration

Our maintenance and operations department has been hard at work ensuring that our classrooms are safe for in-person instruction. All of our classrooms hosting students have been inspected for air quality and air flow. Our K/1 classrooms have been outfitted with portable air purifiers and have been upgraded with Merv 13 filters. For more information about ventilation and filtration, please refer to the Superintendent's Friday update. It is very comprehensive!

Here is a video showing the benefits of the portable purifiers we have in our K/1 classrooms.

Right at School

Registration is open for before and after school care at Ohlone. Full day care is available at Walter Hays. Please see the tabs on the top left of the page for Cohorts A & B. You may register here.

Reopening Information Video

TK through 1st Grade Reopening Information (October 12, 2020)

Hybrid Learning for K/1 Families Important Information

In-Person Instruction

K/1 teachers, instructional aides, office staff, custodians, and district staff have been preparing our campus and classrooms to welcome your children next week. I hope the Principal's Kid Tea was helpful. How adorable was it when a young person asked if they would be getting inside the plexi-plastic desk dividers? Like a hamster ball! Thank you Cynthia and Grace for talking with students about what to expect and most importantly, what is yet to learn. Making mistakes is okay and part of the process! Huggtopus had great questions :).

Below are some important things to review before your child comes to Ohlone next week. Feel free to refer to the K/1 Hybrid Learning Handbook for additional details. I look forward to seeing your children next week!


ParentSquare - COVID-19 Daily Health Screener

Each morning, before you leave for school, you will need to complete the health screening survey for your child by 7:45am. It is important to complete the survey honestly and keep your child at home if you answer "Yes" to any of the questions. Students who are sick need to stay home. Click here to see a short video on completing the health screener.

Parents will access the screener on the Ohlone School website. A reminder to fill out the screener will be sent automatically each morning. Connect this to part of your morning routine!

Walk and Roll to School!

We encourage all families to walk or roll to and from school beginning next week. If you are driving to school, please consider parking a couple of blocks away and walk your child into school. Having less cars to negotiate during arrival and pick-up supports a safer environment for students and you can't beat the natural opportunity for exercise and kid connection!

Arrivals and Departures at Ohlone

K/1 Schedule

  • Students in Cohort A start Monday, October 12th, 8:15-1:40pm.
  • Students in Cohort B begin on Thursday, October 15th from 8:15-1:40pm.


All K/1 families will enter through the gate to the right of the Friendship Yard. If you are driving and using the drop-off zone, please pull all the way to the flagpole and wait until someone can come to check your child in for school. Please arrive as close to 8:10am as possible to allow for check-in time. Do not come too early as we will not let students into campus before 8:10am. Students must use hand sanitizer which will be provided at the gate. Little painted feet will help everyone know how far to stand apart. Thank you for your patience as we work through this new process.

Late arrivals

If your child is tardy, please walk to the front of the school and call the school office, (650) 856-1726. Our staff will meet you near the flagpole to check your child in for school. As a reminder, parents are not allowed on campus for the health and safety of students and staff. Staff will escort your child to class.

Dismissal and Pick-up

K/1 students will be picked up and dropped off at the same gate by the Friendship Yard. If you are arriving by car, please pull all the way up to flagpole in the drop-off zone to wait for your child. Students must be picked up promptly at dismissal.


Students being picked up or dropped off must have their first name, last name and room number clearly and largely written on a piece of paper on your car's dashboard. It must be written large enough so that we can easily read it from afar. We absolutely need your child's name plate for a smooth arrival and dismissal.

Drop-off/Pick-up Survey

Don't forget to complete your survey about drop-off/pick-up, after school care, and lunch. Heike emailed it to you yesterday. Thank you!

Masks, Body Space, & Handwashing

Wearing a Mask

All students are required to wear a mask the entire school day with the exception of eating their snack or lunch. Students must wear a mask upon entering the campus. Please talk with your child about the importance of wearing a mask.

Body Space (Physical Distancing)

Even though students are in specific cohorts, practicing physical distancing is important. Please talk with your child about the importance of staying 6 feet away from other students and staff. We can wave and say, "Hello". We will keep our hands to ourselves. Airplane arms!


The best ways to stay healthy include wearing a mask, physical distancing, and handwashing. Please talk with your child about washing their hands with soap thoroughly for twenty seconds (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or ABC song). Students will be required to wash their hands several times a day: upon entering the classroom, before exiting the classroom and before and after snack recess, and lunch.

Water, Snacks, and Lunch

Water Bottle

Please have your child bring a water bottle. Due to Covid-19, drinking fountains are closed.


Please pack a hearty, healthy snack for your child. Reducing trash is always a plus. Please speak with your child about doing their part to clean up after themselves. Gil and Chau will be very busy with cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day.


Due to Covid-19, all children are provided lunch at school. Your child does not have to eat the school lunch. Feel free to pack a lunch that your child would prefer eating. Please note that there will only be a vegetarian option. Click here for the October lunch menu.

Videos for your Children

Masked Heroes - Public Service Announcement | Cincinnati Children's
Wash Your Hands
Stop Germs from Spreading: Wash Your Hands | Cincinnati Children's