Inside A Composer With Humanism

William Byrd

Kendall Karolian

Life of William

In 1543 London, England William Byrd was not just an ordinary person. He became a composer. This makes him a Individual an a Humanist, he wrote songs that he became proud of. He could do anything towards his music to make it better. At 20 yrs old he started as a coorganist with Thomas Tallis in the Royal Chapel , London and was there from 1570-til death.

The ISM's in Byrd

William is a humanist and a individualist. William was compassionate about his music. He has what's called perseverance. One of the best qualities of being a musician. He believes in himself and his music and never gave up. He I'm sure was a proud and a pleased man at the time. This is one of the best qualities as a composer (musician) is to never give up in what you believe you can do, he created a beautiful piece of music because he had faith. That makes him a good composer.

Sing Joyfully - William Byrd

Williams Music Intrest

William was a good musician, he had the interest in solo songs, virginal music, fantasias for vois and other music for Anglican Churches.

William Byrd

(As a child)

Inside of William

William was a respectful and tolerant man.

Keep Calm Sign

Sign about to sing joyfully and to keep calm :)

History behind the Anthem (aka) "Sing Joyfully"

Sing Joyfully written by himself William Byrd became the anthem in London, England and was stated to be that in 1559 by Queen Elizabeth I. It is a song that is powerful and full of strong meaning.

Sing Joyfully.. Why it is important to England and all people

This song that William wrote resembles pride and honor and the showing to his society and religion. William turned a song into this amazing piece that became London's Anthem. That is a amazing accomplishment and achievement for him. People in churches sing this song and the history all around it is really fascinating. If it were not for William, London would not have this heart meaning National Anthem. Thumbs up to William!