Keeping Pace

June, 2015

Special Olympics State Games a Success!

The Montrose Student Delegation for Special Olympics had a great time at State Games this year! Perhaps even better, seven of our students had parents and/or grandparents that came to watch and cheer them on.

Austin had a special honor, as he was chosen to be a torch runner for the first leg of the Police Torch Run. He ran the torch into the stadium with motorcycle officers leading his way. Austin also stood with the police officers as the athletes paraded in and welcomed them. This is the first time Montrose has had this honor the 40+ years that Chris Bickle had led our troops!

What a wonderful opportunity for our students, and how very fortunate that we have the support of Chris Bickle to coach our students.

Spring clean-out

Just a few ideas as you are cleaning out your rooms for summer...

  • If you have any unused test protocols or test materials for Woodcock-Johnson, ADD/ADHD rating scales/scoring booklets, old TPI forms and/or books, please send those to the Special Ed office. We are moving to the updated versions next school year, and we can facilitate the appropriate disposal.
  • If you have any materials that you are no longer using, but feel others may be interested in with regard to special education, please send those to the special ed office as well! We will try to match them to an appropriate recipient.

On the horizon for next year... MEDICAID

As we move into next school year, there will be a shift in how frequently we are able to bill for services.

Currently, as targeted case managers, we can bill as many events as we would like through a given month for a student, but we are only reimbursed for ONE of each instance (ONE 'monitoring and rec a plan', ONE 'maintenance of case records', etc...) Next year, we will be reimbursed for each and every instance logged.

I encourage you to give some thought as to how this may affect your record keeping, as well as to your logging frequency. Logging services weekly is short on the horizon.

Direct service providers will remain the same (speech, social work, PT/OT).

More to come on this in august!

Have a wonderful summer break!

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