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January 24, 2019

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From Tim: The goals of true education

At the end of last week and the beginning of this one, we took some time to reflect on the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We choose to honor Dr. King in intentional ways, out of respect for the legacy he left and in recognition that his vision for our greater community is one that Stanley BPS shares.

At last Friday’s assembly, Jeremy Michael Vasquez, a visiting artist and activist from the Bay area, joined our student presenters on the stage and shared some of his original poetry as well as reflections on the importance of believing in yourself and in your ability to truly make a difference.

On Monday, perhaps bolstered by the beautiful weather, the Stanley contingent at the MLK Marade was stronger than ever. I'm proud that our school makes the event one of our annual traditions, joining many civic organizations and people of every background in a peaceful display of celebration and hope for what could be in our society.

Both our school celebration and our civic participation support Dr. King's observations about the role of schools: "The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education." On that note, take a minute to read Donna Meallet's blog post on the Middle School's new Students of Color Affiliation group to learn more about another way Stanley's support all students and voices in our community.

Please note that on February 12, our Parent Multicultural Affairs Committee, in collaboration with our Parent Association, is holding an evening meeting featuring Dr. Nita Mosby-Tyler. Dr. Mosby-Tyler led a couple of parent workshops last year on the topic of implicit bias, and we are excited to bring her back to Stanley BPS. She is the founder of The Equity Project, an organization that “exists to provide comprehensive tools for businesses, local governments, nonprofits and community organizations to explore equity ineffective and transformative ways.” The meeting on the 12th will re-introduce Dr. Mosby-Tyler to the Stanley community and also set the stage for a more extensive parent workshop she will lead on the evening of March 20.

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Top Five Things

1. New Students of Color Alliance

Even in the most progressive independent schools, issues of race often lie just below the surface of children’s daily experiences. To alleviate this experience, we’re taking one step in the Middle School to connect students of color with one another regularly. Our new Middle School Students of Color Affinity group (SOCA) gives students time to talk in a safe space about issues related to their identity, and transfer that discussion into action that makes for a more equitable experience at school. More >>

2. 4th-annual STAN Talks in the Ballroom February 7

In 3, 8-minute presentations, you'll hear from 3 alums with cool stories to tell about life after Stanley. This year's slate includes a builder of cross-cultural conversations, a wilderness guide and a film & TV musician. See bios and find out this year's Spirit of Stanley award winner (hint: rhymes with 'Mavid Beret.') on

3. A friendly PSA about breakfast

Did you know? Breakfast is especially important for young students whose brains use up about half of the body's energy. Eating a healthy breakfast before starting the school day is linked to improved concentration, increased energy, a higher intake of vitamins and minerals, and many more good things.

4. Time for a cup of coffee with Tim tomorrow?

Join Tim in Eisenhower's office for coffee and conversation, tomorrow morning after drop-off in the morning. Chat about what you notice in the classroom, ask a nagging question ... the agenda is open and all are welcome!

5. Grocery cards are an easy way to be a booster

Shopping with Stanley's grocery cards at Safeway and King Soopers is easy once you get started. And imagine: If one half of Stanley families spent $100 each week, together we could bring in $50,000 a year for classrooms and programs. Get your card at the Stanley Store or at a PA meeting.