Compost-What Is It?

Backyard Composting

What is backyard composting?

Composting is a natural process that converts organic material - like food and yard waste - into nutrient-rich compost.

How does backyard composting reduce pollution?

When organic waste is broken down, leachate is produced. Leachate is an environmental friendly liquid.

What are the steps for backyard composting?

Step 1: Find a dry, shady area for your compost pile a wire cage, three sided wooden bins

Step 2: Begin adding ingredients

Step 3: Make a 3-4 inch layer of ingredients

Step 4: Blend materials

Step 5: Moisture, be sure to use a lot of water

Why is backyard composting important?

The main reason why composting is important is because composting in our backyards allows us to reduce the amount of waste we send to our overburdened landfills.

Does backyard composting require skills or anyone can do it as an "at home" job?

Backyard composting doesn't require skills. It requires time, organic waste, and water. It is also an at home job for many people.

Composting at Home: Two Easy Methods