ProcessorLink Version 9.6


In the 9.6 release, Fidelis responded to widespread feedback from customers by removing the Bill Type as an attribute of a customer donated food bank. Although having the Bill Type assigned to a commodity bank provided benefits to manufacturers, the effort to manage the setup and handle the issues outweighed those benefits. Consequently, Fidelis touched a number of modules, reports and processes to achieve this objective.

Aside from the Bill Type change described above, Fidelis focused on refinement of existing functionality and the introduction of two new reports as the secondary goal of the 9.6 release. These changes included:

  • Recording the Bill Type on sales transactions to be consumed on various reports
  • Enhancing the search screens and the reports themselves for a number of Shipment Reports
  • Exposing the Shipment Reports to Cooperative users in ProcessorLink
  • Adding a new report, the Billback by Material Report
  • Introducing another new report, Manufacturer Three Character Abbreviation Report, which is visible on the Distributor's Home Page
  • Updating the Distributor Duplicate Sales Transaction Validation

Sales Transaction Report

In the spirit of standardization, Fidelis is updating similar reports to have the same look and feel on the corresponding search screens. The Sales Transaction Report is an example of this standardization. Many of the elements in the Advanced Search Criteria were moved up to mirror other reports.

The Sales Transaction Report now has an added search element, Bill Type. ProcessorLink stamps each sales transaction with appropriate Bill Type configured in the Product Catalog Setup when the application successfully imports and processes it. You can now filter the report by Bill Type as well as view the Bill Type value of each sales transaction on the Report itself.

The Report displays the subtotals for both the Case and Total Donated Food Value columns.

The above images show the Before and After view of the Sales Transaction Report search screen.

Shipments by Customer and Product Report

Fidelis overhauled the search screen for the Shipments by Customer and Product Report to mirror, for the most part, the Sales Transaction Report. The search screen also has the added feature of searching by Customer.

Note that the universal ProcessorLink Customer search element allows the end user to search by entering any of the following values into the Customer text box on the search screen:

  • Name of the school district
  • Recipient Agency Nbr
  • Manufacturer Customer Nbr

ProcessorLink has an optimized search mechanism that filters the data with each keystroke by the end user. Note that the user must select a school district from the dropdown that appears below the the Customer text box.

The Shipments by Customer and Product Report search screen also went through a similar standardization transformation.

Billback by Material Report

Big image

The Billback by Material Report, new to ProcessorLink in version 9.6, provides a different perspective to Billbacks. Each Billback Report will display one or more rows of data, each row corresponding to a USDA material included on a Billback. The Report, exportable to Microsoft Excel, enables the user to mark the Billback processed, provides subtotals on appropriate columns and has link to navigate from the report to the Billback Maintenance module.

The image snippet above excludes the Billback ID (the identifier for a report instance) and the Distributor name both values which are included on the report.

You can find this new report under Reports -> Accounting -> Billback by Material Report.

Other changes...

  • ProcessorLink has dropped the distributor customer name and the distributor customer nbr from the Distributor Duplicate Sales Transaction Validation that determines if a distributor sales transaction already exists. By excluding these two data values from the validation, ProcessorLink will more readily catch those manual sales transactions that have already been entered into the application. In the past, distributors have inadvertently circumvented the validation by entering abbreviations or invalid data values for either or both of those fields dropped from the validation by Fidelis in this release.
  • The application now displays the Manufacturer Three Character Abbreviation code that distributors request for naming the sales transaction files that they transmit on a routine basis to Fidelis. This information is both visible in the Distributor Maintenance module and in a new report, the Manufacturer Three Character Abbreviation Report located on the Distributor's Home Page.
  • The Purchasing Cooperative application role now has access to the Shipments by State and Product Report, the Shipments by Customer and Product Report and the Sales Transaction Report which displays data as it relates to the membership of its cooperative as maintained by Fidelis in ProcessorLink.
  • ProcessorLink menu will no longer render incorrectly as it waits for additional data to download to the user's Internet browser
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor enhancements

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