Anat Petrunin

What is anime?

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Genres in Anime


Includes Action and/or Adventure, target audience of adolescent boys. Shounen anime shows are considered general and almost always even becomes the most trending mainstream shows.
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Include Romance and/or Drama, target audience of adolescent girls
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Harem/reverse harem

A guy/girl surrounded by people of the opposite sex and finds himself/herself in awkward romantic/funny situations.
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A genre with a plot where multiple characters are causing funny situations.
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A genre that specifically targets male viewers around the age range of 18-40 and has more mature light in it.
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Anime that shows the life of characters through conflicts and emotions. Drama anime shows tends to connect the viewers to the experiences of the characters.
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A genre that it's target audience is children.
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A genre that is accepted as a category full of slight sexual scenes or scenarios that happen because of sexually suggestive.


Anime that is using darker elements and it's focus is to scare the audience.
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