Flying Through First Grade

1J April Newsletter


"We were researching about different insects and we read lots of Eric Carle books. We used insect books and iPads to research. We made a list of different things he did in books that we can do too. We're going to try to do what he did. We're going to go back and see what author's craft he did."- Tommy

"We were comparing the Eric Carle books and we were seeing his author's."-Mark

"We painted different pieces of paper in Art to make our covers for our books that we will write in reading and writing."- Aidan

"In reading centers during work on writing we were writing facts about our bugs using the books and it was a packet that we used to record our answers."- Dyer

"In writing center we made umbrellas that were a story under it, and on the top we made colorful umbrellas. The boots we colored."- Hadley

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"In one of the centers in math we had banks and our own wallet. We had to roll a die and count money from the bank. If I had 5 pennies I can exchange for a nickel. If I had 2 nickels we would exchange for a dime. If we had 2 dimes and a nickel we could exchange for a quarter. If we had 4 quarters we could exchange for a dollar."-Adrienne

"We've been learning about halves and fourths. We used white boards and a piece of paper. We learned how to write a fraction."- Henry

"If we have 4/4, 5/5, 6/6, then we can say that we have 1 whole, instead of saying 4/4, 5/5/, 6/6."- PJ

"In math when we are finished with a center, Mrs. Johnson would show us a new center."-Mike

"In math we've been learning about 2d and 3D shapes, and we learned about polygons and what they need to be like, to be able to be a polygon. They need straight sides, they cannot have lines crossing, they cannot be curvy, and they have to be closed. It can't have different kinds of shapes put together."-Tommy

"Some 3D shapes are: prism, sphere, triangular prism, cylinder, cone, hexagonal prism, cube, pyramid."- Alex and WHOLE CLASS

"The computer center is a hockey center and when you play it, you have to choose a level, then click on the correct place value." -Dyer

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"We did review writing and we can review books, movies, places to visit and go, and eat. It is opinion writing. We have to include an introduction, state our opinion, give details so people could try to do that thing, and we have to say goodbye at the end (conclusion)."-Trevor/Emma/Mrs. Johnson

"We can write review writing about books, instead of the other activities mentioned above."- Jacob

"We went in the outside classroom and wrote about small moments, opinion writing, or whatever we wanted. We got to draw pictures for what we would like our Eric Carle book to be like."- Greyson

"We did reviews and then there was all different places, so we came up with a title for all our reviews and make one big book."- Hadley

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Social Studies

"We watched the movie The Lorax and then we listened to songs about it (It's A Beautiful World) .We said the bad things that the once-ler did to the Earth, and then we said the good things we could do. We drew pictures about the song." - Brooke

"We were working on trying to recycle and we're starting to watch a lot of videos about it. It's bad to throw away trash because it will land in our landfills, and they'll keep digging digging more and more holes. If they dig too many holes they could might start digging up houses, if they run out of room." - Alyce

"In Social Studies we've been learning and watching videos about what can be recycled and what cannot be recycled, and then we tried to recycle things. If you want to recycle something, it has to be something that's clean, not dirty." -Tommy


"We got an aquarium and we made terrariums. We had packets and studied them everyday in science."- Aidan

"We had a packet that we had to do. We had to look at the aquarium and the terrarium for answers to do in our packet. We had to draw the aquarium and terrarium and write our observations about each part inside them."- Dyer

"We got to hold the millipedes because on our packet we had the millipede and pill bugs. It felt really ticklish because all of the legs were crawling on your finger, and it was kind of squiggly. It was walking around everywhere."- Hadley

"We went over to the aquarium and looked at the cabomba and the elodea. We wrote what it looks like, what color it is, and what it feels like."- Greyson

"We got to plant seeds in Science, outside, in the outside classroom. We watered them and we're going to take them home on Friday."- Greyson

Maya Says Hello!

Maya, my kitty, enjoying the sun outside!
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