The Donkey President

Maybe he is, Maybe he isn't.

"Trail of Tears"

Jackson found out about gold in Georgia, which is where the Cherokees lived, and moved them. So that the Cherokees would have a place to live, Jackson moved them from Georgia to Oklahoma. The route that the Cherokees walked was named the "Trail of Tears" because many died and fell ill and because many tears were shed. They also had to endure harsh weather and fatigued bodies.

Killing the National Bank

There was once a national bank located in Philadelphia. Jackson believed that it help too much power and only benefited the wealthy.When the renewal came around the next time for the bank Jackson decided to veto it. When he had to decide where all the money would go he gave the money to give it to the smaller state banks. This resulted to them going bankrupt.

Nullification Crisis

South Carolina was a farming state and they had to by goods from the manufacturing states because of a tariff that was put in place. When South Carolina nullified the tariff congress agreed to lower the tax on imported goods. After that South Carolina still refused to pay the tariff and threatened to secede from the US.Jackson was not happy about what South Carolina was doing and gave them two options: Pay the tariff, or Face Jackson. They decided to pay the tariff.
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This cartoon shows Jackson destroying the National Bank with his "Order of Removal" with the bank president ad the devil in the center of the cartoon. And on the floor many people are getting favorable loans from the bank run while the "Financial Temple" is crumbling down.

Solider (good)

Jackson has been the best president, he forced South Carolina to pay the tariff, of which benefited both the northerners and the US. He forced the Cherokees of of Georgia land so that we could settle there. He has just all around been an amazing president. I personally didn't like the national bank in Pennsylvania because it didn't benefit me at all, in fact it actually harmed my financial status. So when he vetoed the renewal for the bank i was very glad that it was finally gone.
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Cherokee (bad)

Jackson is the absolute worst, he has done so many inhumane acts to get what he wants. For example, Jackson "killed" the national bank because he didn't think that it would benefit his type of people. Jackson also removed me and my people from our own homes because he wanted there to be US settlement in Georgia. That walk from Georgia to Oklahoma was the worst thing that I have ever experienced.
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