Jacques Cartier

By Samantha C

Him and His FAmily

Jacques Cartier was born in December 31, 1491. He died September 1, 1557 because of Typhus. Cartier is one of four, he has two sisters and one brother. His sisters names are Jeanne and

Bertheline Cartier. His brothers name is. Lucas Cartier. His parents are Giseline Jansert (mother) and Jacques Cartier (father). He married Marie- Cathrine Guyon

de Granches.

What he did

Cartier started sailing as a young man. He went fishing with his father bur never actuly wanted to fish he wanted to go explore and find find new thing. later on he gained a reputation of a skilled navigator, as well as he went on three mayger voyages. He also clamied canada for france.

The First Time Around

Cartier became famous by going on three major voyages. He sailed the S.T. Lawrence river for all three of his voyages. Here is how his first voyage went. On his first voyage he arrived at the mouth of S.T. Lawrence river and met Iroquois. They told Jacques and his crew of a wealthy kingdom that had riches and gold. He found this wealthy kingdom but what he wasn’t true instead of riches and gold he found fool’s gold (A mineral that is a brassy yellow that fools people into thinking it’s real gold.) The Iroquois were wrong about a wealthy kingdom.

Exploration of Jacques Cartier
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