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Week of November 17th!

This Week-
Do I dare say it..... yea..... Looks like a full un-interrupted teaching week! Woot-Woot! :)


ATMs & RTI: What a week! Great conversations about student progress and needs. Thank you for your professionalism. Believe it or not... we still have a couple of conversations to wrap up. Which means we can't sit down and revise the RTI schedule- Which also means we will not be able to start the "new" cycle until Thursday. Please bare with us! (Traci will be out until Thursday- please don't send your kids to her)

We will be tweaking this process a bit next round of ATMS (February). Once we get a little closer to that date I'll send out more information to you all.

Student Growth Goals:
Honestly, I really have enjoyed reading your SGG's. It's awesome being part of a profession where educators think deeply about providing meaningful instruction for students. These are the ripples that last a life time! If you have not already submitted yours (It will be in "draft" form until approved) it would be awesome if you could have them in by Friday so I won't have to use my Thanksgiving break to read / approve them. Otherwise... that is what I have to do because they have to be approved by the 30th.

Professional Growth Plans: Some of you have already submitted and yours have been approved. I have received several emails for copies of yours- I will do that this week for you. Most likely scanning and emailing them to you. I will help anyone who would like it. I will be completely honest and tell you I don't know what yours looks like in CIITS b/c I had to do 4 goals and they were specific, however I know enough CIITS to walk you through it! :) Again, these will be approved by Sandy or I.

Cupcakes / B-day celebrations: I know- what does that have to do with instruction? A lot... Birthdays are a beautiful thing and I LOVE to celebrate people, but we are asking that you NOT allow students to walk around to classrooms to deliver extra cupcakes. It is interrupting instruction. We do a lot of extras to make kids love school, and although this is special to them, it really does disrupt what teachers have going on in their classes. All left overs can either be "left" for those teachers later, or be taken home.

Celebrations- Speaking of celebrations- At team leader we discussed that the school / classroom Holiday celebrations will be on December 18th. I'll be honest, after Halloween, I'm a little afraid to see what the Holiday celebration looks like. :)

Communication- We did discuss communication as our Team leader meeting, and what is an appropriate expectation for our school wide standard. We felt that parents should be communicated with weekly to at least inform them of what is going on in class. I will be sending out examples this week of Newsletters. However, I would like to see every teacher / or collective team send home a weekly form of communication sharing:

1) What is being taught in the upcoming week
2) Upcoming events

I would like a copy of this either emailed to me or a copy put in my mailbox. Sandy and I will be using this as a form of evidence for your TPGES. * If you are writing a letter as a grade level just let me know.

Remind and Twitter are for quick reminds, not necessarily for communicating what is being taught for the week.

Staff Updates:
* We would like to welcome back Dawn Gilliland as the new special ed para working with our 4th grade team!

* We would also like to welcome Jean Armstrong as the new para in Jennifer McGraw's room!

Staffer for the week: Congrats to Heather Dern! You are the recipient of this week's staffer parking privilege! :) First parking spot on the Castle side. Parking starts on Tuesday of the week and goes until Monday of the next! Thank you for an AMAZING (I've been bragging to all my colleagues) Veteran's day program! Wow... You're leadership in this was awesome, and the community was in awe! I've said this before, but I really do mean it- our A/H's team is the B.O.M.B!!!

The Power WE ALL HAVE! Who are you INVESTING in?

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Just because... everyone needs an endorphine rush!

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