El salvador

By Bryce Cunningham

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Cities in El Salvador

The capital of El Salvador is San salvador

4 maker city's of El Salvador are la libertad,sachitoto,Santa Ana,and Juayua

History of El Salvador

El Salvador was controlled by Spain until they declared independence in September 15 of 1821 and is still independent. They people in El Salvador speak Spanish.

The geography of El Salvador

El Salvador is south of Guatemala and Honduras.

El Salvador is rocky is some pleases but flat for the most part.

Political information

El Salvador is an republic. the president is solvador sánchez cerén

Economic information

The currency in El Salvador is the u.s dollar. The Economic system is capitalism.

Tourists information

There are amazing beaches in El Salvador.

In El Salvador there are a verity of mountens to hike.they can go to the cathedral of Santa ana.