Okanagan exlposion

history of miners


David douglas was the first to discover gold in 1833.

Found gold in creeks, near kamloops, bear creek okanagan lake mission creek,rock creek

Okanagan fur brigade

The fur brigade was used by miners and HBC as a transportation route. The older of the two routes, and the most used, was fort vancouver, the via columbia and okanagan rivers to fort kamloops then the bonparte, cariboo plateus and the fraser


In Regina there is a street named after him called Dewdney "avenue" its beside the national police training facility


Made more people come to the okanangan, gold in rivers and creeks

Edgar Dewdney

Edgar dewdney was important to the development of the okanagan valley because..

He helped with the construction of the okanagan valley trails. The trail was very important factor in the development and strengthening of the newly established British colony of British Columbia. He also made small towns and mining camps. The trial was especially important for the gold rush and merchants.

three important facts

Helped in the native starvation crisis

Built the dewdney trail

In the regina there is a street named after him

reasons for settlement in the okanagan

fur trade, construction and gold in the creek and rivers

Early history British

He helped in the development of the Dewdney trail. He helped with the native starvation crisis

Born November 5th

died august 8th, 1916 age 80

Accomplishments in the okanagan valley

Edgar dewdney helped with the development of the dewdney trail. He also set up mining camps and little towns.
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