South America

Facts about Argentina

It's the second largest country in South America. Argentina's capital is Buenos Aires.

The geography of Argentina are landscape the northern lowlands, the pampas, The Andes, Patagonia, Argentina's waters, colorful wildlife. Argentina has cold climate because it's close to the equator and it's in the south. The government is framework of a federal system, is a presidential repesentative democratic reoubli . Argentina has many special holiday which are, January 1- New year’s 6- Epiphany ; March/April – Maundy Thursday, good Friday, Easter Sunday ; May 1 – labor day; May 25- anniversary of Revolution of 1810 ; April 2- Malrians Day ; June 20- Flag day ; July 9 – independence day ; Aug. 17- Death of General Jose de San Martin Day ; Oct. 12- Columbus day; Dec. 8- Immaculate Conception ; Dec. 25- Christmas

The most popular dishes are grilled beef,* (Man-Tahm-breh), and Bife a Caballo and the popular music or songs are Carnaval Itos, Bagualas, Zambas, Cueras, and Chacareras.