Illegal Immigrants

Are illegal immigrants being deported unfairly?

In some cases yes they are because sometimes it might not be their fault for being an illegal alien and I think that everyone should be treated equally.

Promoting equity

The public policy promotes justices for illegal immigrants by giving them the chance to become a citizen of the united states. One catch is that they would have to go through background checks and other things to show that they're qualify or deserve it .

Illegal immigrants trying to cross the Mexican border

My Thoughts


People would probably ask "why do immigrants take the risk to enter into the United States illegally". There might be various reasons for that. Some immigrants leave their home country due to political or economic reasons.Individuals generally choose to emigrate to countries that are more technologically advanced, have greater resources and offer more opportunities. Some immigrants also move to a foreign country to give their children a better life.


1. What is illegal immigration?2. Why dont U.S citizens think that illegal immigrants should get a fare chance?3. Why do business owners like to hire immigrants?4. Why do immigrants come to the United States illegally?5. How does the government promotes equity for illegal immigrants?


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