Computer Usage Guidles

By: Darko and Brett

Guidelines as follows: (R.S.N.D.)

· Respect all equipment and treat with care.

· Students should ask before going online.

· Nonacademic sites are banned. (music, youtube, etc.)

· Desktop configuration is set by 1st period students only by request of instructor.

Substitute Teacher Behavior

· Students are to treat the substitute with manners and respect.

· Do not ask to leave the room unless it is a restroom break (do not take advantage)

· Do your work individually.

· Turn in your work! If the work is not turned in to the substitute, you will not receive credit.

- Why? I want to know that you are busy and on task!

· Work that is not turned in while a substitute is here will not be accepted late.

Guaranteed to keep you safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should we abide by these rules?

A. She'll have your head if you don't.

Q. Who makes her the Queen of anything?

A. Her name on the door. Remember.....she means business.