6th Grade News

January 29, 2016


There is a Valentine's card exchange with some social time on Friday, Feb. 12th. Students can choose to bring in a sack or box to collect his/her Valentine treasures. We will remain in our classrooms during this celebration.

Math with Mrs. Johnson

We have started proportions. We will use proportions to solve for a missing number in a word problem, customary conversions, and scale factor. We could use proportions for metric system but since the metric system is based on the power of 10, we will use a phrase to allow for quicker calculation that will lend to mental calculation in the future. The unit test will be over all of this information plus rate and ratio and will likely not be until the week of the 8th.

I will have some homework next week involving them going to the grocery store to look at unit rate. I have picture of what I want them looking for to find the unit rate of the items.

I still need to give them a few definitions in order for them to complete their vocabulary words. Vocabulary cards will be due Wednesday, February 3rd.

Science with Mrs. Hintze

We have wrapped up our unit on layers of the Earth and tested over it this Thursday.

This upcoming Monday we will begin a new unit over Plate Tectonics. Students will be identifying the major tectonic plates and describing how the movement of those plates causes major geological events.

ELA with Mrs. Franks

We are continuing our novel study of HOLES this week. Students are analyzing characters, writing in the voice of characters, and keeping a journal of the main character's changes in self perception. We are enjoying this unique story with its main plot and subplot.

World Cultures

Currently students are studying ancient Hindu traditions in modern India. They are participating in an experiential exercise where they will first, learn about the origins and beliefs of Hinduism. Then they will present and participate in interactive dramatizations about how Hindu traditions are reflected in modern times.