part of the United Kingdom

Wales is a part of the United Kingdom. The country borders on England in the east and is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea in the west. Wales is not a very big country with a population of about three million people. There are two official languages in Wales – Welsh and English, both of which are taught in schools.

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Landscape of Wales

Much of Wales’s landscape is mountainous, especially in the north and central regions. The highest mountain is Snowdon. There are also a lot of beautiful lakes in the country. These are Wales’s picturesque landscapes that attract tourists from all over the world.
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The capital of Wales

Wales is primarily an agricultural country. There aren’t many big cities in Wales. The capital of the country is Cardiff, which is considered to be the largest media centre in the UK outside of London. There is a Roman castle and a modern shopping centre in the city as well as a cathedral and university. Cardiff is also an industrial city.
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Тhe symbols of the country

Wales has its own interesting culture including language, customs, holidays and music. The country is represented by the symbol of the red Welsh Dragon, which is depicted on the national flag. The flag of Wales, brought to Britain by Romans, is one of the oldest in the world. Other symbols of the country are leeks and daffodils. These are usually worn on St. David’s Day, which is celebrated on the 1st of March. St. David is the patron saint of Wales. The country has its own national game called rugby.
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Why people should visit Wales.

One can visit a number of beautiful places in Wales. There are three national parks: Snowdonia, Brecon and Pembrokeshire Coast. Wales has also four Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

So, Wales is a really nice country to visit.

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