Pharoahs Rule!

What it means to live at the top

Life for Egypt's pharaohs was all glitz and long as they survived.

Egypt's pharaohs lived at the top of this ancient social pyramid. In fact, they were believed to be gods! They enjoyed all the riches and With this power came huge responsibility. The pharaohs were responsible for the people's well-being, leading the military and maintaining religion. In return (or because they had to), the Egyptian people prepared a lavish and safe journey for their god-king into the afterlife through golden tombs, immortalizing temples, giant pyramids, and jeweled sarcophagus. Whatever the price and nothing but the best for the pharaohs. Still, the pharaohs had plenty of enemies:rulers from other lands, unsanitary and unsafe living conditions, and perhaps their most dangerous predator-their own murderous family members. Being a pharaoh was a family affair. When there was multiple heirs, brothers and sisters would stop at nothing to gain the throne.
Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt