Gone To Texas

by Jenna and Carys


Are you tired of wasting your time on finding land in the U.S, that's not even that good? And tired of wasting your money on hard useless land? Well then come to Texas , there's plenty of land and for cheap prices! Don't waste your time come to Texas fast before there's no more!


  • send a letter of application to Stephen F. Austin
  • become a Mexican citizen
  • be a member of the catholic church
  • follow Mexican laws
  • be a person of good moral character


Everyone is always up for some good adventures! The wildlife and landscape is very beautiful out here and great for walking. Also the adventure to get here is very exciting and has many beautiful views. It is very green and fresh out here so come out here for some great and fun adventures like no other!

New Start

Texas is a great way to start a new and great life. If your having a tough time in other countries Texas would make it way more better, the population here is great and you will make tons of friends here, so just come down and enjoy the view with friends.

Martin De Loan

Martin D Leon is a empresario , you can locate him between the Lavaca and guadalupe rivers i suggest you meet him there he is nice and will help you, no need to wait hurry! you can contact him where he is at, it wont be hard!