5th grade Sketchbook Assignment

due the week of April 21, 2014

Draw a shoe in 3D perspective

  • No tracing!
  • Observe and add all the necessary details and texture
  • You can use color (pencils are best) if you wish
  • Pick any type of shoe you wish, you may do two if you want a challenge

(In the past, some students have opted to add little people climbing, propelling or jumping on the shoe. This is optional, for those who like a little whimsy).

Watch the video below to see:

  1. How to start with a light line drawing-look at your shoe!
  2. How to start building the shading, from white, light gray, medium gray, dark gray to black.
  3. Crosshatching, not smudging with fingers.
  4. How much time this probably took, so give yourself plenty of time!

If you read this digital flyer, leave me a comment below for 20 points extra credit.

Also, parent initals and times ARE NOT necessary with this format.

Have fun!

SPEED DRAWING: 3D Shoe /Sneaker (Anamorphic Illusion Drawing) REALISTIC PENCIL 3D DRAWING