Rollings' Pirates in Action

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Theme: Strong emotions and beliefs, expressed through writing, art, music, and actions, can influence others.

Guided Questions:

1. What are the reasons for conflict taking place in a region?

2. How do people decide on who they want as a leader and how do emotions impact leadership?

3. Can differences be resolved without conflict?

4. How can conflict motivate change?

Throughout this unit we will analyze the road to revolution and how personal beliefs of early leaders influenced a new nation. We will use poetry to reflect on new understandings, connections, and a perspectives of the Revolutionary War era. Please be sure to review notes with your child. Edmodo is a GREAT place to login and see students collaborating, questioning, and learning via notes, websites, and each other. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Taking Action - Free the Children

How can we help?

Today, we did an informational read and viewed a documentary about an amazing man named, Craig Kileburger, who took action when he was 12 years old after hearing about the cruel and harsh reality for some children around the world. Please, take a minute to view the story and documentary that have your kids excited to take action themselves!

Our Technology Integration This Week!


We are having a high report of flu cases in our building. PLEASE remind your child of the importance of washing hands and not sharing food items. Also, if you have any extra Clorox wipes that you would like to donate to our class, we would greatly appreciate it! I promise to do my very best to keep everyone healthy ;)

V.I.D's (very important dates)

  • Friday, January 25th - Report cards scheduled to go home
  • Wednesday, February 6th - Late Start
  • Wednesday, March 13th - Late Start
  • Tuesday & Wednesday, March 19-20 - PASS writing (please see below for more information)
  • Wednesday, April 24th - Late Start
  • May 7-10 PASS Testing (please see below for more information)

PASS Writing Assessment Samples - (see below)

PASS Assessment DATES - (see below)