Push and pull factors

By maddie weber

Religious persecution

A. Nigeria

B. People in Nigeria are leaving in fear for their lives. Christians are getting gunned down in church by terrorists that don't believe in what they believe.

C. They are going to America for religious freedom.

Ethnic persecution

A. America

B. Ethnic persecution is happening a little bit in America by those who think all middle eastern people are apart of the 9/11 attack. They don't see how not all of them are apart of hating the United States.

C. They move to canada or back to the Middle East.

Environmental factors

A. Japan

B. Japan is a small island, with many many people on it. These people live by the coast and all tsunamis will wipe out everything, also air pollution is very high and people want to get out.

C. People are moving to America because it's a bigger country with a better climate and not as crowded.

Economic motives

A. Mexico

B. People from Mexico migrate to America because there are more jobs that pay better. They want to be free and have a good life.

C. America

Political factors

A. Egypt

B. People in Egypt are feeling because of a civil war that has gone on. The people are killing and the government are killing them back because people are trying to overthrow the ruler.

C. They move to other countries around them, or America to get freedom.

Forced migration

A. Europe

B. Jewish people were forced out of the roman empire. They were not welcomed there unless they changed to Christianity.

C. They went to Hungary