The Best a Cell Can Get!

Power Center of the Cell

I can single-handedly provide the cell the energy it needs to move, divide, and produce waste. In order to properly run an entire cell, one must have endless amounts of energy. I am the only organelle that can provide everlasting energy!

All this and I'm only the size of a tiny, little bacteria--can you believe it?!

Oh and don't worry, if you feel like one of me is not cutting it, I can replicate myself as much as necessary to get the job done!

So why not the Nucleus?

Sure, the nucleus may be the brains of the operation, but it would be nothing without me! Without me, the mitochodria, the nucleus could not tell what was what or who was who. Without me, the cell would die from lack of ENERGY. It'd be like a body with no food, or a car with no gas. Pointless!