Stop Air Pollution!

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Causes of Air Pollution

Humans cause a lot of air pollution. We produce most of the waste that pollute the air. The waste can be gases, liquid matter, and solid matter. These come from burning fuels that are usually used to power vehicles and heat homes and other shelters. When a person drives a car, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide are released into the air. When humans burn garbage, that also pollutes the air. Industrial processes contributes to polluting the air as well. But not all air pollution comes from humans. Natural things like volcanic ash and forest fires pollute the air as well as cow burps. A cow burp releases methane which is a harmful gas that also pollutes the air.

Effects of Air Pollution

Air Pollution can effect many things. For one thing, it harms our health even when it's healthy. Air pollution also harms wildlife and can change or effect the weather! Polluted air can change the rain too. It makes the rain more acidic and the rain is then called acid rain. Acid rain can harm fish and the bodies of water that the fish live in. Another effect air pollution has on the earth is changing the atmosphere in a bad way. The burning fuel that causes air pollution makes greenhouse gases which hold heat inside the earth. This has contributed to global warming. Global warming has been known to hurt the ecosystems on earth and it's wildlife. Global warming also effects the Arctic region and raises sea level while hurting humans too.

Solution to Air Pollution

There are many things people can do to stop air pollution. For one thing, we can ride bikes and walk to where ever we need to go. Also, we can plant trees because they take in dirty air and give good air. Another thing humans can do is reuse, reduce, and recycle. We should use renewable resources, reduce the amount of natural resources we use, and recycle paper. Attempts have already been made to stop air pollution. In 1963, the first Clean Air Act was made. This set limits on the amount of waste that factories released. Then later in the 1960's, another Clean Air Act was made that reduced the amount of pollution that came out from automobiles. Also, in 1970 and the 90's, there were more efforts made to hold air pollution to a minimum.