Christina Rossetti

BY: Cheyenne Blake

Christina's early life!

Christina Georgina Rossetti was born in London December 5, 1830, to Gabriele and Frances (Polidori) Rossetti. Her religious temperament was closer to her mother's, this youngest member of a remarkable family of poets, artists, and critics inherited many of her artistic tendencies from her father. When Christina was a teen she seemed to have been quite attractive if not beautiful. In 1848, she became engaged to James Collinson, one of the minor PreRaphaelite brethren, but the engagement ended after he reverted to Roman Catholicism.

Middle of Christina's life(:

When professor Rossetti's failing health and eyesight forced him into retirement in 1853, Rossetti and her mother attempted to support the family by starting a day school, but they had to give up after a year or so. From the early 1860's on she was in love with Charles Cayley, but she wouldn't marry him because he was not christian. After rejecting Cayley in 1866, Christina lived vicariously in the lives of other people.

Some pictures of Mrs. Christina Georgina Rossetti!

The end of Christina's life!

Christina Rossetti!

Although pretty much a stay-at-home, her circle included her brothers' friends, like Whistler, Swinburne, F.M. Brown, and Charles Dodgson. She continued to write and in the 1870's to work for the Society of Promoting Christian Knowledge. She was troubled physically by neuralgia and emotionally by Dante's breakdown in 1872. The last 12 years of her life, aftee his death in 1882, were quiet ones. She died of cancer December 29, 1894.Christina Rossetti wrote about 134 poems in her life. She did not have any children at all. She never got married.