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Leading Wedding Venue In Maidstone Kent Turkey Mill

Turkey Mill is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Kent. With its huge and manicured gardens, the River Len, the waterfall, the bridges there really isn't a lovelier place in Kent for your wedding. The Orangery, where the service takes place has recently been completely rebuilt to a very high standard. Services before were held outdoors, with the couple just inside the old orangery, walled gazebo. The new building provides much more comfort for your guests and if the weather turns bad they're not going to get wet.

The bride approaches the venue along the main bridge, which makes not only for a great shot, but a grand and romantic entrance to the ceremony. After the wedding ceremony the newly married couple proceed down the garden and through the gated hedge to have their reception drinks on the lawn by the River Len. This area of the garden provides a nice backdrop for the group photos and the large group shot of all the guests is best shot from the opposite bank. You'll get all your guests and the Orangery in the background, it's a lovely shot.

After the group shots it's a nice romantic walk around the grounds with your photographer for the more intimate wedding photographs. There are fantastic backgrounds at Turkey Mill. There's a Mill Pond with a picturesque boathouse. A bridge over rushing waterfall that can be shot from both sides and makes for a lovely photograph. Over the bridge there's an archway that's great also and on the other side there's an arched and natural gazebo that's also great for some shots.

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Carrying on there are large lawns with mature tree with your guests and orangery as a background detail in the distance. then its back down to the River Len again and over the other bridge, that the bride made her entrance earlier. The grounds are simply, and possibly, the best in Kent and one can see why couples have to wait years in order to get a wedding on a Saturday in the summer.

Like other wedding venues in Kent Turkey Mill caters for weddings for all Turkey Mill is run very professionally and the wedding breakfast will start exactly when you specified it would. The room is large and very well appointed. There's plenty of room too for all your guests and it's not cramped in the slightest, which can't be said for all wedding venues. Once the wedding breakfast is finished there's very little to be done to the room to make it ready for the night time festivities. There's a large bar at one end where you guests can move to temporarily while the room is prepared.

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