Lawrence Library Learning

Week of April 14, 2020

Library Thoughts For The Week

Each week, during our physical time away from school, I will be sharing some information that might be helpful for parents at home to do with their children or for students to do on their own. I will include the information for the Live Stream book that I will read every Friday as well as a link to an online book they can listen to. I will also include an activity that can be done at home and links to resources that I find interesting. This is meant to be a resource NOT homework!

Mrs. Rivera's Live Stream Read-a-Loud

Friday, April 17th, 9am

This is an online event.

Join me Friday morning, April 17th, for a Live Stream read-a-loud on our private Facebook page (Lawrence Elementary School Community). You must request access to this page and answer ALL 3 questions in order to be accepted. This is to ensure the safety and privacy of our students.

After the Read-A-Loud Mrs. Burns will do a directed draw from the book!

April 17th- Six Dots by Jen Bryant

My COVID 19 Time Capsule- A Way to Remember

A fun way to document this time in our lives and record some good memories. This also helps students talk through uncertain feelings they are having

Dav Pilkey Drawing Captain Underpants

Each Friday, in partnership with Scholastic, the Library of Congress will launch a short video of Dav Pilkey drawing, reading aloud, and following his mantra—Always Be Creative!

The Wizarding World- Bringing Hogwarts To You

Check out this awesome website with games, activities, articles and quizzes all about Harry Potter and Hogwarts.

Fox In Sox- In a Rap

Wes Tank raps Dr. Seuss' classic children's book "Fox in Sox" over Dr. Dre's legendary hip hop beats for "What's the Difference" and "Let Me Ride" with much due respect to the flows and styles of Dr. Dre, Eminem, Xzibit and Snoop Dogg. All words and illustrations belong to Dr. Seuss. All instrumentals belong to Dr. Dre. This cultural mashup was created by TankThink for edutainment purposes.
FOX IN SOX | Dr. Seuss Raps over Dr. Dre Beats