Google Docs Sharing Tips

Sharing Options

When you hit the Share button on a Google Doc, it's important to know what others can do to your document!

  • Edit: allows people to directly edit your document - use this for whole class or group collaboration, or collaborating on a document with colleagues

  • Comment: allows people to make comments or suggest changes to your document, but doesn't allow them to actually make those changes - great for giving feedback

  • View: allows people to view your document, but not to comment or make changes - use this when you want students to access a document but not change it (students can then make their own copy of the document to work on by going to File > Make a copy)

Sharing Google Docs via the LMS

To add a Google Doc (or Slide, Sheet, etc.) as a resource on the LMS:

  • Click on the Share button in your Google Doc
  • Select Get shareable link
  • Click on Copy link

(Note: the default permission for a shareable link is 'Anyone at Mount Scopus can view' - for most documents this will be the correct setting - only change this if you want students collaborating on your document)
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In the LMS:

  • In the Learning Objects Repository create a new resource in the usual way
  • In the Resource Type field select URL
  • Paste in the link to your Google Doc in the URL field
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