August Paw-Palooza

Popsicles & Sidewalk Chalk on the Blacktop

Friday, September 5th


8:10-8:30 -- 1st & 2nd Grade

8:30-8:50 -- PreK & K

8:50-9:10 -- 3rd & 4th Grade

Helpful Tips:

One or two teachers from each grade level will escort the grade level students out to the Palooza. Please stay with your grade level and help hand out popsicles! If you remember, please bring a pair of scissors to help with the opening and a box of baby wipes or roll of paper towel would help with clean up!

Megan Kennedy has volunteered to help with initial setup and other volunteers will be recruited to help monitor students.

Thank you to Ms. Hoskins for supplying the popsicles and chalk! We appreciate it!

Thank you to faculty and staff for being flexible and understanding as we implement this program! We appreciate your positive attitude and willingness to help make this work!