By : Scott Westerfeld

Project by: Gracie Hulse

Tally is a tricky pretty who is in love with Zane. Zane is also a pretty and part of her clique. When Tally was ugly she ran away from her city and joined the Smoke. There Tally found out what they do to you when you turn pretty. She volunteered to turn pretty so the Smoke can find a cure. At the Smoke she falls in love with David, but when she turns pretty her memories of David have almost disappeared. She meets Zane and within a few weeks they fall in love. Tally and Zane find the cure together in pill form. Tally is to scared to take two of the pills by herself so Zane and Tally split the cure.

This turns out to be a terrible mistake! The pill gives Zane terrible migraines. Tally and Zane decide to go to the Smoke to find out what is wrong with Zane. They get separated along the way and Tally does not see Zane for more than a week. When Tally finally gets to the Smoke Zane has severe brain damage, but soon after Special Circumstances arrives. They take Tally and Zane back to the city and turn Tally special but not Zane. When Zane attempts his last attempt to run away Tally follows him secretly. They find themselves in deigo where both of their lives will be changed forever.

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