Edmund Halley

By: Abby Phillips

Edmund Halley's life/biography

Edmund Halley was married to Mary Tooke in 1682. They had three children.

He developed a interest in mathematics at very little age. He attended St.Paul's school and for further education he attended Queens collage, oxford.

Other things he did

Edmund Halley was an English scientist who is best known for predicting the orbit of the comet that was later named after him. Though he is remembered foremost as an astronomer, he also made significant discoveries in the fields of geophysics, mathematics, meteorology and physics.

what he accomplished in math

In mathematics Edmond Halley contributed much. Edmond devoted several papers that greatly improved the theory of equations in algebra. He also was one of the pioneers in social statistics by calculating annuities from mortality tables. All of this brilliant work in mathematics earned him the Savilian Professor of Geometry at Oxford in 1704.


* He was buried in the graveyard of St Margaret church at Lee, South London.

* Halley documented details of 341 southern stars in 1678 in the publication, Catalogus Stellarum Australium.

* In 1691 not only did he build the diving bell but also introduced a model of the magnetic compass.