Concrete Chronicles

Volume 11, Issue 1

Important Events

August 31 - September 7 - Book Fair

7 - Pay Fees 8:00 - 11:30, 1:00 - 3:30

9 - Office Closed

13 - K5 Meet the Teacher 4:30 - 6:00

15 - 1st & 2nd Grade Meet the Teacher 4:30 - 6:00

19 - Students' First Day of School

28 - Fundraiser Kickoff

New Faces Join the Concrete Family

This year we have several new employees on board. New faculty members include:

Miss Madison Gardner, Kindergarten

Mr. Terry Hall, P E

Ms. Madeleine Kennedy, Kindergarten

Mrs. Morgan Kuykendall, First Grade

Miss Kelli McNeal, First Grade

Miss Kylee Moody, Kindergarten

Mrs. Haley Payne, Media Specialist

Mrs. Caitlan Scroggs, Speech

Mrs. Judith Strickland, ESOL/Resource

Mr. Kevin Williams, Assistant Principal

A few other changes,

Mrs. Katie Howard will teach Second Grade

Mrs. Lauren Thompson will teach Kindergarten

Welcome to all of these new employees. In addition, Concrete is very lucky to have the rest of a great staff returning for another fantastic year.


  • Please remember to drop students off after 7:20.
  • Please use the bus circle for 2nd grade student drop off.
  • Students eating breakfast should be here by 7:40.
  • Students need to be in class by 8:00 a.m. to avoid being counted tardy. A medical note is needed to excuse the tardy.
  • Remember to use early dismissal for emergencies.
  • Please send a note for all transportation changes.
  • Please remember you are ALWAYS required to have your identification with you.

Morning Arrival

Please remember, all students riding in cars should be dropped off through the car line. Please stay as far to the right as possible so that our employees can get by you in order to park. If you need to walk your child in, please park in a parking spot and not in the grass or under the trees. Please do not walk your child through the car line. This hinders traffic and creates a potentially dangerous situation. After the first two weeks of school students are expected to walk to class by themselves. Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep our car line moving smoothly and providing a safe arrival for our students. Anyone going past the office must check-in with their drivers license before going down the hallway.

Afternoon Dismissal

We ask that you please stay in the car line during dismissal to keep our children safe and make the process go as smoothly as possible. Please do not come into the office for dismissal of your child.

As a reminder, please remember that all early dismissals for appointments should be before 2:00 as we are getting ready for car/bus dismissals after this time. Please try to reserve early dismissals for the occasional appointment only so that we may minimize distractions in the classroom. Also, please get an excuse from the doctor/dentist so that the early dismissal can be excused. Thank you for your cooperation!

Some Reminders From Nurse Carol:

  • Before any prescription medications can be given at school, you must have a form signed by your child's doctor. (Forms are available from the nurse.)
  • Non-prescription medications require a form signed by the parent/guardian.
  • Please refer to the Concrete website under the "Parent" tab and then health services for more information.

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